What is gift card in amazon

Gift vouchers may just be recovered toward the buy of qualified items on www.amazon.in. Buys are deducted from the deliverer's Gift Card adjust. Any unused Gift Card adjust will remain related with the savior's Amazon.in record and connected to buys arranged by most punctual termination date. On the off chance that a buy surpasses the deliverer's Gift Card adjust, the rest of the sum must be paid with Visa, net keeping money or platinum card. No expenses or charges apply to Gift Cards. QwikCilver may give Gift Card buyers data about the reclamation status of Gift Cards that they buy or utilize.

Gift vouchers, including any unused Gift Card adjusts, lapse one year from the date of issuance. Gift vouchers may just be bought in categories extending from Rs. 10 to Rs. 20,000, or such different points of confinement as QwikCilver may decide. Gift vouchers can't be utilized to buy other gift vouchers. Gift vouchers can't be reloaded, exchanged, exchanged for esteem or recovered for money. Unused Gift Card adjusts related with an Amazon.in record may not be exchanged to another Amazon.in account. No intrigue will be payable by QwikCilver on any Gift Card or Gift Card adjust. QwikCilver makes no portrayal or guarantee that www.amazon.in will dependably be open without interference.

QwikCilver isn't capable if a Gift Card is lost, stolen, demolished or utilized without consent. Amazon Seller Services Private Limited ("Amazon") will have the privilege to close client records and take installment from elective types of installment if a deceitfully got Gift Card is reclaimed as well as used to make buys on www.amazon.in.